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Uber to allow audio recording of rides, aiming to launch feature in US

Company hopes to bolster its safety record with feature for riders and passengers, to appear first in Brazil and Mexico Uber will allow passengers and drivers in Brazil and Mexico to record audio of their rides as it attempts to… Continue Reading →

Violence in Mexico peaks as cartels fight over drugs and avocados – Los Angeles Times

The cartel members showed up in this verdant stretch of western Mexico armed with automatic weapons and chainsaws. Soon they were cutting timber day and night, the crash of falling trees echoing throughout the virgin forest. When locals protested, explaining… Continue Reading →

Singapore and Mexico affirm growing ties, sign raft of new agreements – The Straits Times

MEXICO CITY – Singapore and Mexico signed a series of new cooperation agreements on Tuesday (Nov 19) that underscored the multi-faceted nature of ties between the two countries, and pledged to conclude a regionwide trade deal by this year. Five… Continue Reading →

Asylum-seekers wait in Mexico as Trump admin. touts drop in border apprehensions – NBC News

MATAMOROS, Mexico — The stench is overpowering. During the day, it seems to bake on the squalid concrete. At dawn, it seeps into the cool air — a suffocating mix of human waste and campfires. Just steps from Brownsville, Texas,… Continue Reading →

Suspected cartel violence prompts security warning to Americans in Mexico – New York Post

Deadly violence unleashed in the Mexican border city of Nuevo Laredo prompted US officials to issue a security warning. The US consulate in Nuevo Laredo released the advisory Sunday as shootouts erupted in the northern city, where suspected gangsters torched… Continue Reading →

NFL fans in Mexico City are much more than curious onlookers – Los Angeles Times

This metropolis feels awfully similar to Los Angeles, or at least parts of Los Angeles. Traffic is brutal. There’s a Starbucks on every other block. KFC, Burger King, PF Chang’s, Hooters, they’re all here. The magazine stands on the sidewalks… Continue Reading →

OPINION EXCHANGE | Counterpoint: There’s a more positive side to Mexico’s story – Minneapolis Star Tribune

In “How to reverse Mexico’s slide into a failed state,” (Nov. 9) New York Times columnist Bret Stephens emphasized the horrible massacre of women and children in northern Sonora, the Mexican economy’s nearing recession, the security forces beaten back while… Continue Reading →

Monday Night Football: Chargers set to face off against Chiefs in Mexico City game on ABC7 – KABC-TV

MEXICO CITY (KABC) — The Los Angeles Chargers are set to take on the Kansas City Chiefs on Monday Night Football, airing live on ABC7. Some 85,000 fans were expected to cheer on the teams in person during the international… Continue Reading →

Asylum at the Border Is Over—and Mexico Is Turning Factories Into Shelters to Clean Up Trump’s Mess – Mother Jones

Fernanda Echavarri/Mother Jones Four miles south of the narrow footbridge that connects Ciudad Juárez to El Paso sits a sprawling, peach-colored former factory with a new “Bienvenidos” banner above its doors. The Leona Vicario Migrant Integration Center opened four months… Continue Reading →

Why abruptly abandoning the drug war is a bad idea for Mexico – The Washington Post

While López Obrador has agreed to collaborate in the murder investigation, he continues to defend his decision to not “fight fire with fire.” Rather than taking on the cartels directly like his predecessors did, the president has focused on reducing… Continue Reading →

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