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New migrant caravan receives cooler welcome in Mexico

2,500-strong group mainly from Central America and Cuba Activists say government is trying to stop migrants reaching US A new migrant caravan of about 2,500 people is making its way through southern Mexico, headed for the US border, facing greater… Continue Reading →

El Chapo’s lawyers request new trial after claims of juror misconduct

Lawyers for the Mexican drug lord say jurors violated the judge’s orders by following media coverage of the case Joaquín Guzmán, the Mexican drug lord known as “El Chapo”, on Tuesday asked a US judge to set aside his conviction… Continue Reading →

Spain hits back at Mexico in row over colonial rights abuses

Madrid ‘completely rejects’ Mexican president’s demand for apology for crimes against indigenous people A diplomatic row has broken out between Mexico and Spain after the Mexican president wrote to King Felipe VI demanding that he apologise for crimes committed against… Continue Reading →

The Incredible Plunder of Mexico’s Black Gold – The New York Times

MEXICO CITY — In the first months of this year, the word “huachicolero” — once a rarely used term — has been on the lips of people all around the country. Car owners particularly have cursed it, but I’ve even… Continue Reading →

Mexico demands apology from Spain and the Vatican over conquest – BBC News

Image copyright AFP Image caption President Lopez Obrador welcomed Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez to Mexico in January The Mexican president has sent a letter to Spain’s King Felipe VI and Pope Francis urging them to apologise for human rights… Continue Reading →

Mexico demands Spain apologize for colonial abuse of indigenous people

In letter to Spanish king, President Obrador cites massacres and oppression during conquest of Mexico Mexico’s president Andrés Manuel López Obrador has written to Spanish King Felipe VI and Pope Francis urging them to apologize for the “abuses” of colonialism… Continue Reading →

Over 100 Central American migrants detained in northern Mexico – Reuters

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) – Mexican police and federal officials on Saturday detained 107 Central American migrants seeking to enter the United States in the border city of Reynosa, the government of the northeastern state of Tamaulipas said. Following a tip-off,… Continue Reading →

The Private Side Of Cabo: Mexico’s Artistic Hideaway – Forbes

Share to facebook Share to twitter Share to linkedin Despite divisive contemporary politics, American interest in and appreciation of Mexican culture is reaching new heights. Just last month Brooklyn Museum opened Frida Kahlo: Appearances Can Be Deceiving, the largest retrospective… Continue Reading →

‘Tata’ Martino’s Mexico debut boosted by debutant Rodriguez – ESPN

SAN DIEGO — A new era for the Mexican national team began on Friday with fresh black shirts, manager Gerardo “Tata” Martino on the bench, Guillermo Ochoa recognized for 100 caps and a welcome return to winning ways. The 3-1… Continue Reading →

Trump’s Man in Mexico – Slate

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