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Football’s popularity growing among girls in Mexico – KABC-TV

MEXICO CITY (KABC) — Football is a growing sport in Mexico and not just for boys. We found dozens of girls teams at a national football tournament. More than 3,000 players, some as young as 10 and others into their… Continue Reading →

Efren Navarro’s broken-bat single sends Mexico to Olympic baseball tournament – The Japan Times

If one day Efren Navarro’s bat from the bronze medal game of the 2019 Premier12 ends up in a hall of fame somewhere, it won’t get there in one piece. Not that it’ll matter in the least to Mexican baseball… Continue Reading →

Cartel Blockades, Gunfire Leave 1 Dead in Mexico Border City – The New York Times

CIUDAD VICTORIA, Mexico — Gangsters unleashed mayhem in the northern border city of Nuevo Laredo, across from Laredo, Texas, blocking major avenues, burning vehicles and engaging soldiers in shootouts that left one suspected gunman dead. The Tamaulipas state security agency… Continue Reading →

Mexico has reached a turning point: Will it destroy the cartels or itself? – AZCentral

CLOSE Opinion: The slaughter of women and children caught America’s attention, but the real turning point for Mexico came with cartel violence weeks before. Mexican soldiers patrol around the city of Culiacan on Friday Oct. 18, 2019. (Photo: Augusto Zurita/Associated Press)… Continue Reading →

Mexico: When drug violence ‘turns into terrorism’ – DW (English)

Mexico has three problems: 1. The drug war. 2. The corruption tolerated for decades by the ruling “Party of Institutionalized Revolution” (PRI). 3. A  society that seems to have become accustomed to everything as if it were a folkloric phenomenon. Taken… Continue Reading →

Coca-Cola country in southern Mexico – photo essay

In Los Altos, Chiapas, Coke has become a key part of indigenous ceremonies as well as a staple source of hydration. The photographer Diana Bagnoli visited the region to see the effect of this trend on public health To enter… Continue Reading →

Mexico is still safe for visitors and tourists, advice for travelers – Business Insider

A recently deadly attack on members of a Mexican-American family in northern Mexico has visitors again asking if the country is safe to visit. It is, experts say, but like all countries, there are areas that are unsafe, and visitors… Continue Reading →

Mexico has replaced Central America as largest source of migrants taken into custody at the border – The Washington Post

CBP took just more than 45,000 people into custody at and between ports of entry in October. Officials have welcomed the decline, which follows a historic influx in the spring overwhelmed border infrastructure and immigration authorities. The October number still… Continue Reading →

The real Diego Maradona comes to life in Mexico in captivating series – The Guardian

Diego Maradona tears a piece of paper, then again, until it is in shreds. On a screen opposite, the team he manages are minutes from victory in the first leg of a final tie – yet his stare is within…. Continue Reading →

Mexico’s human rights chief draws fury for asking if journalists have been killed – The Guardian

Mexico’s new human rights commissioner has questioned if journalists are actually killed in the country, which has become a cemetery for reporters over the past two decades – and has not become any safer since the arrival of a left-wing… Continue Reading →

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