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Oscar contender Roma stirs up nostalgia and guilt in Mexico’s middle class

The drama about a servant and her employers has sparked soul-searching – and yearning for an era of certainties In the opening scene of the film Roma, soapy water splashes across the screen. It’s the product of the protagonist, Cleo,… Continue Reading →

Border wall GoFundMe organizers plan private build as donors offered refunds

A campaign to raise $1bn hit just 2% of its target, prompting organizers to scrap plans to give it to the Trump administration The organizers of a GoFundMe campaign to fund the construction of a wall along the southern US… Continue Reading →

Mexico’s consul in Dallas to stay on under new president – Dallas News

Mexico’s consul in Dallas will not be changing, even though Mexico has a new president and a new ruling political party. Dallas Mexican Consul Francisco de la Torre will remain at his post as the head of the General Consulate of… Continue Reading →

Long Lines and Guarded Fuel: Mexico’s Gas Crisis, Explained – The New York Times

People are waiting in long, winding lines at gas stations in Mexico City. Thousands of troops have been deployed to guard pipelines across Mexico. Fuel is being diverted to tankers accompanied by armed vehicles. These are the signs of a… Continue Reading →

Mexico deploys 4,000 troops, choppers against pipeline theft – The Republic

MEXICO CITY — Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said Friday he has ordered helicopters and 4,000 troops to guard the nation’s pipelines and fuel depots in an offensive against massive fuel theft. The helicopters are watching for organized gangs… Continue Reading →

The Many Ways Trump Has Said Mexico Will Pay for the Wall – The New York Times

What Mr. Trump Said “When — during the campaign, I would say, “Mexico is going to pay for it.” Obviously, I never said this and I never meant they’re going to write out a check. I said, “They’re going to… Continue Reading →

Trump Thought It Would Only Take Three Days to Get Mexico to Pay for the Wall – The Daily Beast

Nearly three weeks into a federal shutdown that has stalled immigration courts, driven unpaid TSA workers to walk off the job, cancelled long-planned border inspections, and left America’s national parks overflowing with poop, President Donald Trump has so far refused… Continue Reading →

Who will pay for Donald Trump’s border wall?

With the US government in partial shutdown, the president continues to demand funding for his Mexican border wall. Lauren Gambino, in Washington DC, and Bryan Mealer, in Texas, discuss how Trump’s central campaign promise has led to this point of… Continue Reading →

Super Bowl guac may be off the table if gas shortage sidelines Mexican avocados – CNN

To continue using, you need to update your web browser or use a different one. You may want to try one of the following alternatives: Microsoft Edge (Windows only) The latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer (Windows only) Google… Continue Reading →

Trump says he didn’t say Mexico would write US a check for border wall. But he did – PolitiFact

As his border wall fight with Democrats continues, President Donald Trump finds himself in the awkward position of having to explain what happened to the idea that Mexico would pay all the costs. Trump tried to dance out of the… Continue Reading →

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